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100 Teledyne Smart Tip for 2,000 CIGARETTES TAR Nicotine FILTER Block ST-1

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Condition: New
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100 Teledyne Smart Tip for 2,000 CIGARETTES TAR Nicotine FILTER Block ST-1

100 (ONE-HUNDRED - Enough to Filter 10 Full Cartons of Cigarettes)  Brand New, Factory Sealed  SMART TIPS by TELEDYNE WATER PIK.  These Made-in-America Cigarette Add-On Tips Significantly Reduce the Amount of 'Tar' and Nicotine You Inhale, No Matter What Brand of Cigarette You Smoke.  Smart Tips Filter up to 4 (FOUR) TIMES the Amount of 'Tar' and Nicotine as Other Filter Tips.  You will also be getting, as a FREE BONUS, a Convenient, Waterproof, Plastic 'Travel' Bag that Holds 5 or 6 'Smart Tips' PLUS an Additional FREE BONUS ... the E-Book: 'How to Stop Smoking Forever'.


Of course you enjoy your cigarettes.  But you also know the harmful affects that 'Tar' and Nicotine have on your body.  The 'Smart Tip', a revolutionary innovation by Teledyne Water Pick, is a Disposable, Clear, Inconspicuous, Convenient Filter that fits over your Cigarette's Filter.  It is specifically designed to cut down your intake of Cigarette 'Tar' and Nicotine.  Smart Tips use a mechanical method of smoke purification which does not change the taste or temperature (or enjoyment) of the smoke inhaled.  It does, however, lower the nicotine levels inhaled and, consequently, gradually lowers the nicotine levels in the smoker's blood, which will reduce cigarette cravings.  The 'Smart Tip' will work with ANY Brand of Cigarette.  The Smart Tip is a 'must' for anyone who smokes or who would like to take care of their loved ones that are addicted to smoking.  A Single Smart Tip can be used to Filter 20 Cigarettes (a Whole Pack), unlike some tips that only filter 5 or 6 cigarettes each.

- Item: Smart Tip Cigarette 'Tar' and Nicotine Filter with FREE Travel Bag and FREE E-Book
- Manufacturer: Genuine Teledyne Water Pik
- Model Number: ST-1
- UPC: 037888666691
- Bar Code on Package: 07395244
- Condition: Brand New.  Hygienically Factory Sealed.
- Color: Clear and Inconspicuous.  Nobody Will Know You are Using Them.
- Quantity: 100 (One-Hundred) - In 10 Packs of 10  -  Enough Tips to Filter 10 FULL CARTONS of Cigarettes
- Larger Quantities are Available Upon Request.  Note that the Price per Pack Goes Down as the Quantity Goes Up.
- You are Purchasing Enough Smart Tips to Filter 2,000 Cigarettes
  - You Would Need About 500 of the 'Other' Brand to Filter the Same Number of Cigarettes
- Significantly Reduces the 'Tar' and Nicotine Inhaled While Smoking Cigarettes
- Makes Your Cigarette Smoking Less Harmful and Less Unhealthy
- Each Smart Tip Filters 20 (TWENTY) Cigarettes (a Whole Pack)
  - Most Other Tips Only Filter 5 or 6 Cigarettes
- Uses a Mechanical Process which is Much Healthier than a Chemical Process
- Works with ALL Types and ALL Brands of Cigarettes
  - Regular or Menthol
  - Regular or Light
- Disposable.  Nothing to Wash Out or Clean.
- Starts Off Clear.  You Will Actually SEE the Smart Tip Removing the 'Tar' and Nicotine.
- Does Not Change the Taste or Temperature of the Cigarette Smoke Inhaled
- Will Not Reduce Your Smoking Pleasure
- Helps Protect Your Lungs from Most of the 'Tar'
- Can Help You Reduce, and Possibly Even Quit, Smoking (if you want to)
- Can Help Reduce 'Morning Cough' and Even Sore Throat, due to Smoking
- Reduces Nicotine Dependence and Addiction, Making it Easier to Quit Smoking (if you want to)
- Reduces Stains on Teeth and Fingers by Reducing 'Tar' and Nicotine
- Includes a FREE Waterproof Zip-Lock Travel Bag that Holds 5 to 6 Smart Tips
  - Conveniently Fits in any Pocket or Purse
  - You Will Never be Without the SmartTips You Need
- Includes FREE 'How to Stop Smoking Forever' E-Book
- This is a Simple Way to Better Health
- Made in The United States
- USA Seller.  Fast Shipping from The U.S.A.
- FREE Shipping within the United States.  Discounted Shipping Worldwide.

FREE  BONUS  -  E-BOOK:  'How to Stop Smoking Forever'
As a Bonus, you will receive a Free Copy of the E-Book 'How to Stop Smoking Forever'.  This 11 Section, 25 Page E-Book will show you how, and will help you, to Stop Smoking (if you choose to do so).  This e-book will be e-mailed to you as an attachment to the 'Shipping Notification' e-mail we will be sending you to let you know that your Smart Tips have been shipped.

- 100 Smart Tip Cigarette 'Tar' and Nicotine Filters  (10 Sealed Packages of 10 Each)
- FREE BONUS #1 - Convenient Zip-Lock Travel Bag
- FREE BONUS #2 - E-Book: 'How to Stop Smoking Forever'  (will be e-mailed to you with your Shipping Notification)


If You are Going to Smoke Cigarettes ... Start Smoking Smarter and Healthier with Smart Tips by Teledyne Water Pik.  You Will Breathe Better and You Will Feel Better.   

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.

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