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RAD MBE10-8D V35 AUI Dual Link Ethernet Remote Router Bridge w/ AC + Manual

Quick Setup and Configuration

Condition: Pre-owned
Price: $479.99

RAD MBE10-8D V35 AUI Dual Link Ethernet Remote Router Bridge w/ AC + Manual

A Pre-Owned  RAD MBE LAN RANger DUAL LINK ETHERNET REMOTE ACCESS ROUTER / BRIDGE with AC POWER CORD and INSTALLATION and OPERATIONS MANUAL.  This 10 Base 5 Dual Link Router / Bridge is RAD's Model Number: MBE10-8D / V35 / AUI  

The MBE Family is part of the LAN RANger Series of Ethernet Remote Access Routers that provide cost effective remote access connectivity for SoHo (Small Office / Home Office) applications.  The MBE Family supports remote access routing and bridging for connecting remote PCs or LANs to a Central LAN over a wide variety of WAN interfaces and services, including ISDN, Frame Relay, Leased Line, Dial-Up Modems, and DDS.  Routing and Bridging are performed on a Link-by-Link Basis. There are no bridging or routing limitations on the central LAN.  The MBE10-8D is a Dual WAN-Port Router / Bridge.  As a Bridge, it allows connection of 2 Remote Ethernet LANs, each consisting of up to 80 Workstations to a Central Ethernet LAN.  As a Router, it allows connection of a Remote Ethernet LAN.  This device can be used in a wide range of applications, employing diverse communication links and LAN equipment.

- Product: LAN RANger Dual Link Ethernet Remote Access Router / Bridge
- Manufacturer: Genuine RAD
- Model Number: MBE10-8D / V35 / AUI  or  MBE10-8D / AUI  or  MBE-8D
  Note: This Unit was Converted from the MBE10-8D / UTP
- OPT: V.35
- P/N: 6711090000  (Converted from the: 6711110000)
- Ethernet / 802.3 LAN Interface: AUI (10Base5)   Converted from: UTP (10BaseT)
- Serial Number: Will be Supplied Upon Request
- Operational Condition: Pre-Owned.  Excellent Operational Condition.  Unit is Guaranteed to be Operational.
- Cosmetic Condition: Very Good to Excellent Condition.  Shows Minimal Signs of Wear.
  - Exception: RX LED of the Link 2 seems to be Not Working.
- Supports a Remote Ethernet LAN of up to 80 Workstations on Each Bridge Link or a Full LAN Segment on Each Router Link
- Remote Access Routing and Bridging are Performed on a Link-by-Link Basis
- Performs IP and IPX Routing
  - IP can be Routed over PPP, SLIP, CSLIP or Frame Relay
  - IPX can be Routed over PPP or Frame Relay
- Router Links can Operate Opposite any PPP Standard Compliant Device
- Bridge Links are Transparent to Layer 3 Protocols, such as NetBIOS and DECNET
- There is Backup Capability for Router and Bridge Links
- There is BOOTP Auto Configuration for IP Router Links
- Works with Dial-Up, Leased Line, DDS, ISDN, and Frame Relay Services
- Works with 4-Wire Modems for Campus and Factory Applications
- Speed / Data Rates:
  - Up to 115.2 Kbps Asynchronous
  - Up to 1.5 Mbps Synchronous
- Supports PPP, SLIP, CSLIP and Multilink PPP which enables use of ISDN
- Supports STAC Data Compression (4:1)
- Quick Setup and Configuration
- Single IP Address Translation Feature Allows a Small or Medium Office LAN to Connect to the Internet using a
  Single, Dynamically or Statically Allocated IP Address from the Central Access Router
- LAN and WAN Link Interfaces are Modular and Accommodate Several Standards
- Has PAP / CHAP Security for PPP Links
- RADIUS Billing and Authentication Support
- Has Protocol / Address Filtering
- Connection-on-Demand (COD) Allows Links to be Connected or Disconnected According to Time, Traffic or Management
- Has an Integrated Solid (Session-Based) Firewall which Protects your LAN from Undesired Entry from the Internet
- Undesired Access to the WEB RANger via TELNET or SNMP can be Blocked or Password Protected
- Can be used to Dialback over PPP to a Station using a Router Link at a Fixed Location
- Spoofing for RIP, SAP and IPX Keep Alive
- Has SNMP and TELNET Support
- An SNMP Agent Provides Management Features by RADview
- Has FLASH Memory for Software and Parameter File Downloading
  - Software Downloading is Available via the Control Port, using XMODEM, and via LAN or WAN using TFTP
  - Parameter File Downloading and Uploading is Available via LAN or WAN using TFTP
  - Product Configurations and Software are Saved in FLASH Memory
- Has a Dual image FLASH.  2 Versions of the Software are Stored for Redundancy.
- Includes Installation and Operations Manual
- Includes AC Power Cord
- List Price: $1,300.00 + S & H
- USA Seller.  Ships Fast from within the United States.
- FREE Shipping within the United States.  Discounted Shipping Worldwide.

- Pre-Owned RAD LAN RANger Dual Link Ethernet Remote Access Router / Bridge  Model Number: MBE10-8D/V35/ AUI
- AC Power Cord
- 58-Page Installation and Operations Manual (in .PDF format).
  The Manual will be sent to you Attached to Your 'Shipping Notification' e-mail.


RAD LAN RANger Dual Link Ethernet Remote Access Router / Bridge with Installation and Operations Manual.

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