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250 Pc Raychem 50mm PO Heat Shrink Tubing Sleeves ES2000-NO.2-89-0-50mm

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Condition: New
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250 Pc Raychem 50mm PO Heat Shrink Tubing Sleeves ES2000-NO.2-89-0-50mm

250 (TWO-HUNDRED-FIFTY) PIECES  of Brand New, Factory Fresh  GENUINE RAYCHEM DUAL-LAYER FLAME-RETARDANT HEAT SHRINK TUBING in 50mm (2") CUT  LENGTHS.  These Heat Shrink Tubing Pieces are Raychem's Part Number: ES2000-NO.2-89-0-50mm

Adhesive-lined ES2000 heatshrinkable tubing is specifically designed to meet automotive industry requirements for environmental sealing and electrical insulation of automotive wire splices, terminations, and components.  ES2000 tubing has an outer jacket of radiation-crosslinked, semi-rigid polyolefin.

Flame-retardant and mechanically tough, the jacket provides strain relief and abrasion protection of wire splices and mechanically sensitive components.  The inner layer of the tubing is a unique hot-melt adhesive, specially formulated to adhere to all major types of automotive wire insulation and to perform well at an extended temperature range.  The adhesive forms an effective barrier against automotive fluids and moisture, helping to protect the harness
from the effects of corrosion and water wicking.

- Item: Dual-Layer Heat Shrink Tubing Pieces in 50mm (2") Lengths
- Manufacturer: Genuine TE Connectivity / Raychem / Tyco
- Part Number: ES2000-NO.2-89-0-50mm  or  ES2000-2
- RPN: 063725P011
- Condition: Brand New.  Factory Fresh.
- Quantity: 250 (Two-Hundred-Fifty) Pieces
- Color: Black
- Length: 2"  or  50mm
- Expanded Inside Diameter: 0.293"  or  7.44mm
- Recovered Diameter:            0.065    or  1.65mm
- Shrink Ratio: 4:1
- Flexibility: Semi-Rigid
- Flame Retardant.  Self-Extinguishing within 30 Seconds.
- Material: Irradiated Modified Polyolefin
- Maximum Temperature: 135 Degrees C
- Provides Resistance to: Abrasion and Strain and Fluids and Mechanical Damage
- Lead Free and RoHS and ELV Compliant
- USA Seller.  Ships Fast from within the United States.
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Use Only the Best Heat Shrink Tubing.  Use Genuine Raychem Parts.

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