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Snoreban Bedtime Relief Snore Ban Snoring Aid - Gag Gift

Stops Droning, Honking, Snorting, Poofing, and Wheezing

Condition: New
Price: $9.99

Snoreban Bedtime Relief Snore Ban Snoring Aid - Gag Gift

Brand New, Factory Boxed  SNOREBAN SNORING AID which will PROVIDE COUNTLESS HOURS of BEDTIME RELIEF.  STOPS Droning, Honking, Snorting, Poofing, and Wheezing.


The SnoreBan Anti-Snoring Aid will Stop Snoring, Droning, Honking, Snorting, Poofing, and Wheezing.  It Controls Nasalis Profundis Thunderundum and Provides Countless Hours of Bedtime Relief.  It is the Perfect Aid for every Bedroom.

Medically Approved ...
According to Dr. I Nozitall, M.D. - Snoreban has been shown to be an effective preventor of nasal resonance when used in a program of regular professional care.  It reduces Nasalis Profundis Thunderundum.

Discovered by Ancients ...
According to the Post Nasal Institute - Ancient Snoreban symbols have been discovered in Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  SnoreBan is the ultimate product combining proven design with today's modern technology.

One Size Fits All ...
According to Pay Pillbody, R.N. - "Cross my heart, it lifts and separates and works.  Now he only wakes me for the right reasons".

- Item: Snore Ban Anti-Snoring Aid
- Manufacturer: SnoreBan
- Condition: Brand New.  Factory Boxed.
- Controls Nasalis Thunderundum
- Provides for Countless Hours of Bedtime Relief
- A Snorer's Partner's Dream
- Stops Snoring, Droning, Honking, Snorting, Poofing, and Wheezing
- The Perfect Aid for Every Bedroom
- One Size Fits All
- A Great Gag Gift

Note: This is NOT a Real Snoring Aid.  It is a joke.  It is a Great Gag Gift.


SnoreBan is a Great Gag Gift to be Given to Anyone Who Snores ... or Doesn't.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.
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