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1' Super Vision SideGlow SV21 Perimeter Fiber Optic Cable Landscaping / Design

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Condition: New
Price: $13.50

1' Super Vision SideGlow SV21 Perimeter Fiber Optic Cable Landscaping / Design

1 (ONE) FOOT of Brand New, Factory Fresh  SUPER VISION / NEXTSTEP SIDEGLOW PERIMETER LANDSCAPING FIBER OPTIC CABLE.  Perfect for Use Around Spas, Pools, Decks, and Walkways.  This Fiber Optic Cable contains 21 Strands of Fiber Optic Cable and is SuperVision's Part Number: SV21


SideGlow Swimming Pool and Spa Fiber Optic Cable is a safe alternative to using Neon for your Accent Lighting.  It is used to highlight the Perimeter of Pools, Steps or to Outline the Perimeter of Decks or Walkways.  It can change colors.  It is virtually unbreakable and is energy efficient.  It is suitable for Interior and Exterior applications and is UV Protected.  Its exterior jacket is designed for maximum durability against the elements.

SideGlow Cable is strong enough to withstand the demands of Outdoor Pool and Spa extreme cold and underwater applications.  There is no heat or electricity in the cable itself, as with other typical lighting designs.  This minimizes (or completely eliminates) many implementation restrictions and allows you to create an almost unlimited number of design possibilities.

Traditional Lighting can change the way your environment looks, but Fiber Optic Lighting will change the way you look at your environment.  Using its Color Changing ability, you can literally change the mood of the evening.  The spectrum of glowing colors conducted by this Fiber Optic Cable can change the 'feel' of your evening from Subtle to Exciting to Romantic to, well, you get the idea.  The choice is yours.

- Item: SideGlow Perimeter Fiber Optic Cable for Landscaping and Design
- Manufacturer: Super Vision / SuperVision / NextStep Products
- Part / Model Number: SV21
- 21 Strand SideGlow Fiber Optic Cable
- Diameter: Approximately 1/4"
- Can Use Tracking for SV23 Fiber Optic Cable
- Condition: Brand New.  Factory Fresh.
- Amount: This Listing is for 1 (One) Linear Foot - Usually Purchased as a Sample
  We can Provide Continuous Lengths of this Fiber Optic Cable of Up to 500 Feet
- Safe.  An Excellent Alternative to Neon Lighting.
- No Heat or Electricity in the Cable Itself
- Durable.  Will Withstand Extreme Cold and Water Exposure.
- Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors
- Economical to Purchase.  Less than $1.50 per foot  (not including S&H).
- Energy Efficient When Used
- Versatile and Easy to Install
- Emits Light / Illumination from the Sides, Down the Length of the Entire Cable
- Limitless Design Possibilities for Interior or Exterior Use
- Applications Include:
  - Pool and Spa Lighting - Suitable for New Installations and for Renovations
    Will Not Light Up the Water.  It will Provide Accents and Mood Lighting.
    Can Highlight the Lines of Your Swimming Pool or Spa with Dramatic Colors
  - Decks, Walkways, and Paths
  - Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Accents
- Can Change Colors
- Almost Invisible During the Day.  Comes to 'Life' at Night.
- Please Contact Us for the Specific Length You Need.  
  We can provide you with ANY Length of this Cable, up to 500 Feet.
- USA Seller.  Ships Fast from within the United States.
- FREE Shipping within the United States.  Discounted Shipping Worldwide.


SideGlow Perimeter Fiber Optic Cable can Add a Touch of Elegance and Drama to your Pool, Spa, Walkway, Paths, Deck, and Other Landscaping Projects.

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