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2 SolarSense After Sun Face Tan Extender Solar Sense

Extends the Glow for Your Your Facial Tan

Condition: New
Price: $9.99

2 SolarSense After Sun Face Tan Extender Solar Sense

2 (TW0)  Brand New, Factory Boxed  SOLARSENSE AFTER SUN TAN EXTENDER for FACE for MEDIUM TANS.  Solar Sense Tan Extender Maintains Your Tan Weeks Longer.


This new Solar Sense After Sun Tan Extender for Face maintains the rich color of your tan for weeks longer.  Its unique 3-in-1 formula deepens and maintains you tan, moisturizes your skin, and prevents peeling.  It is perfect for 'after sun' or any time.

Specially formulated for the face, this hypo-allergenic cream will make you feel like a sun goddess every time you use it.  Moisturizing Hydrators and Vitamin E soothe and refresh your skin instantly, leaving your skin soft, silky, and radiant.  At the same time, a gentle sunless tanner works to maintain that 'sun kissed' look weeks longer.

This cream absorbs quickly and don't worry ... it won't stain hands, skin, or clothes.  And the fresh coconut scent makes you feel like you are on an exotic tropical island.

- Manufacturer: SolarSense
- Item: Solar Sense After Sun Tan Extender for Your Face
- Item Number: 17205
- Item Code: CLBJ
- For Medium Tans
- UPC: 018515172051
- Quantity: 2 (Two)  2 oz (56g) Tubes
- Condition: Brand New.  Factory Retail Boxed (as shown)
- No Expiration Date
- Maintains Your Tan Weeks Longer
- Deepens Your Facial Tan
- Has Moisturizing Hydrators and Vitamin E to Soothe Your Skin
- Prevents Peeling
- Is Hypo-Allergenic
- Contains a Gentle 'Sunless Tanner'
- Absorbs Quickly and Will Not Stain
- Unique 3-in-1 Formula: Deepens Your tan, Prevents Peeling, and Moisturizes Your Skin
- Fresh Coconut Scent is Very Appealing

Note: Even though only 1 Package of SolarSense Tan Extender is shown in the picture, you will, indeed, be receiving 2 (two) Packages of this product.


SolarSense After Sun Tan Extender will Help Your Tan Last Much Longer.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.

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