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25 Arm Band Headband Eyeglasses Holder Asst Colors 1/4" Tubular Elastic Stretch

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Condition: New
Price: $10.88

25 Arm Band Headband Eyeglasses Holder Asst Colors 1/4" Tubular Elastic Stretch

25 (TWENTY-FIVE)  Brand New, Factory Fresh  GENUINE HEALTH NET EYEGLASS NECK STRAPS / HOLDERS.  These Holders are better used as ARM BANDS and HEADBANDS and INDICATOR MARKERS.  These Cords, in Assorted Colors are 1/4" Wide and are made of Soft Tubular Elastic and are 24" to 28" Long.  They DO NOT hold eyeglasses very well and we suggest that they are not used for that purpose.

These Straps were made for Health Net and are made of Tubular, Stretchable Elastic.  They were designed to hold eyeglasses.  The earpiece of the glasses are supposed to slide into to the slots at the ends of the Holder.  When we tested them with some glasses that had fairly small ends on the earpieces of the glasses, we found that the Holder DID NOT HOLD the glasses and the glasses slipped out of the holder.  We do not believe that these will work well as eyeglass holders unless the earpiece at the end of the glasses frame is of a relatively Large Size.  We are offering these straps for other uses.  

- Item: Arm Bands / Headbands / Indicator Markers / Indicator Flags
- Manufacturer: Genuine Health Net ??
- Condition: Brand New.  Factory Fresh.
- Quantity: 25 (Twenty-Five)
- Colors: Assorted
  - We have limited supplies of: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink.
  - You will be receiving a random assortment of colors.
  - If you would like Specific Colors, let us know and will try to accommodate you.
- Size: 1/4" Wide  and  24" to 28" Long (varied)
- Made of Soft, Stretchable Tubular Elastic.  Comfortable to Wear.
- We were able to stretch the 28" model to 49"
- Have 'Health Net' Printed on them (3 times) on One Side of the Cord.  Other Side is Blank.
- Can Effectively be used as Headbands, Arm Bands, Ties, Indicator Markers, Team or Class Markers, Etc.
- Use Your Imagination as to what YOU can use them for.
- NOT Advised to be used as Eyeglass Holders
- Bright Colors Stand Out Well
- Machine Washable
- USA Seller.  Ships Fast from within the United States.
- FREE Shipping within the United States.  Discounted Shipping Worldwide.

Note: Even though only 9 are shown in the picture, you will, indeed, be receiving 25 (twenty-five).

- 25 (Twenty-Five) Tubular Elastic Cords in Assorted Colors


25 Multi-Purpose, Stretchable, Tubular Elastic Cords in Assorted Colors.

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