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Klackers Klik-Klaks Clackers Toy Ball Game

The Quiet Kind - Fun Game That Takes Skill Ages: 7+

Condition: New
Price: $23.99

Klackers Klik-Klaks Clackers Toy Ball Game

ONE SET of KLACKERS + a BONUS.  KLACKERS ... the SKILL GAME CONSISTING of TWO STRUNG BALLS on a STRING which Requires a Good Deal of Hand-Eye Coordination.  This Game Will Provide You with Entertainment for Hours at a Time.


You are being notified that these Clackers are NOT the original Clackers that have been banned.  These have Never been banned (anywhere) and are made with softer, safer, Rubber Balls, instead of the hard, acrylic balls that the original clackers were made with.

Klackers are also know as: Bonkers, Clack Clacks, Clackers, Crackers, K-Nokkers, Ker-Knockers, Klick Klacks, Knockers, Mini Poppers, Moon Rocks, Popper Knockers, Rockers, Super Clackers, Quick Klacks, Quick Clacks, Quick Wacks, Wackers, Whackers, Whak Kos, and Zonkers.

Klackers were first introduced onto the market in the Late 1960's and lasted into the Early 1970's.  They consisted of Two Balls attached to a String.  Most of the time, in the middle of the string, was a Ring for the user to hold onto.  This was really a very simple idea.  The Balls looked like they were made of Glass, but were really made of Acrylic, which is a very dense, hard, plastic.  The object of this game was to get the two balls going and have them 'CLICK' against each other.  The user would build up momentum until the two balls were hitting each other on the top and on the bottom in an arc.  This was challenging.  Once you got it going, the balls would make a 'Click-Clack' sound, thus giving the game its name.

Click Here to Hear what the Original Klackers (or Klik Klax) Sounded Like.

Unfortunately, improper use of this 'toy' caused a number of avoidable injuries, mainly because the balls were so hard and heavy.  Also, some kids used them as weapons and hurt other kids with them.  So, the government stepped in to protect the public from itself and, sometime in the early 1970's, Klackers were taken off the market and banned from being sold.

Reinvented by a safety-conscious man, who likes to be only known as 'James', the New Klackers are EXACTLY the same shape and size of the Old Klackers.  The only difference is that the Balls that are used are sort of like 'Super-Balls', which are made of High-Bouncing Rubber.  When played with, there is No Clacking Sound and this game is more Neighbor-Friendly (quieter).  Having the Rubber Balls also makes this game a lot SAFER (and Legal).

- Product: New Version of the Older Klackers or Klik-Klaks Ball Toy Game of Skill
- Condition: Brand New.  Never Used.
- New Design.  Legal.  Never Banned.
- Fun to Play for Hours.  Test Your Hand-Eye Coordination.  Challenging.
- For Ages 7 to 94
- Much Safer than the Original Clackers
- Made with Rubber Balls, Not Acrylic Balls
- Neighbor-Friendly.  No Loud Clacking Sound.  You Will Hear a Soft 'Thud' as the Balls Connect.
- Includes a Metal 'Handle' Ring for Stabilization
- Safe.  No Chance of the Balls Breaking.
- They are Made in a Variety of Colors.  The Set You will be Sent will be a Random Color.
  Made in: Blue, Orange, Green, Clear, Neon Green, and Pink ... All with Coordinated String Colors.
  Let us know if you have a Color Preference and we will see what we can do, but, sorry, no promises.
- A Game of Skill ... So Practice, Practice, Practice.
- One Set  =  One Color.  The Picture Shows Multiple Sets in the Various Colors Available.
- Once You Get Good at it, You can Even Do Tricks with these Klackers.

The winner of this auction will also be getting a cloth Storage Bag for their Klackers.

- 1 Set of Klackers (2 Balls, etc.), in Your Choice of Colors (if available)
- 1 Storage Bag for Your Klackers


The New Klackers are Fun, Require Skill, are Safe, and are Legal.  Get Yours Now and Let the Fun Begin.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.
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