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18 US FAA Approved Helicoptor Route Raster Charts on CD

Includes File Viewing & Printing Software TIFF PDF XLS

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18 US FAA Approved Helicoptor Route Raster Charts on CD

A CD Containing FAA APPROVED HELICOPTER AERONAUTICAL ROUTE CHARTS for 10 (TEN) MAJOR U.S. CITIES / AREAS.  The CD Provided will Contain the Official FAA Helicopter Route Raster Charts for the 10 Cities / Areas Provided.  It will also Contain a File Reader with Printing Software (just in case you need it).  

Per  the  FAA ...
Helicopter Route Raster Charts are scanned images of Three-Color Helicopter Route Charts that depict current aeronautical information useful to helicopter pilots navigating in areas with high concentrations of helicopter activity.  The information depicted includes helicopter routes, four classes of heliports with associated frequency and lighting capabilities, NAVAIDS, and obstructions.  In addition, pictorial symbols, roads, and easily-identified geographical features are portrayed.  Helicopter Charts have a longer life span than other FAA products, they are updated less frequently.  These charts are current as of 20 March 2011 and are updated as requested by the Federal Aviation Administration.

- Item: CD Containing FAA Approved Helicopter Aeronautical Raster Route Charts
- For 10 (Ten) Major U.S. Cities / Areas on 1 CD
- Includes:
  - Helicopter Routes
  - 4 Classes of Heliports with Associated Frequency and Lighting Capabilities
  - Obstructions
  - Pictorial Symbols Depicting Roads and Easily-Identified Geographical Features
- Scans are in 3 Colors
- These Scans have No Associated Geo-Referencing Information
- These Raster Files are in .TIFF Format.  They are Ready-to-Use.
- Number of Route Charts Included: 18 (Eighteen)
- Charts are Easily Viewable on Almost Any Computer
- FREE BONUS: We are Including a TIFF File Viewer / Printing Program (for Windows)
- Format: 1 CD
- Advantages of a CD:
  - Can be Easily Accessed
  - Completely Portable.  You Have ALL Charts in One Place.
  - Pages can be Magnified for Your Viewing Comfort

- Baltimore, MD / Washington D.C.    Edition: 8
- Boston, MA                                      Edition: 6
- Chicago, IL                                       Edition: 6
- Dallas / Fort Worth, TX                     Edition: 4
- Detroit, MI                                        Edition: 1
- Houston, TX                                     Edition: 6
- Los Angeles, CA                               Edition: 8
- New York, NY                                   Edition: 9
- Salt Lake City, UT                             Edition: 3
- U.S. Gulf Coast                                Edition: 25  

INCLUDED  on this  CD
- 18 Files (in TIFF format) of FAA Approved Helicopter Aeronautical Raster Route Charts for 10 Major U.S. Cities / Areas
- FREE BONUS: A TIFF File Viewer / Printing Program  (for Windows OS)
  This Program will allow you to View, Magnify, and Print Files in TIFF, PDF, XPS, and CSF Formats.


This CD, Containing FAA Approved Helicopter Aeronautical Raster Route Charts will Make Your Helicopter Flying Safer, if You Use It.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.

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