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Copy Protect Your Auction and Web Page Listings Work

Protect Your Copy Rights and Hard Work.

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Copy Protect Your Auction and Web Page Listings Work



The software that will be provided to you will be Programming Code that will Prevent users from Highlighting Text in Your Auction Listings, Classified Ad Listings (that allow the use of HTML), and Web Pages.  By preventing them from Highlighting the text, you will be preventing them from Copying Your Text.  Additionally, this code prevents users from using the Right Mouse Button.  If they do a Right Click on your listing, they are presented with a Pop-Up Window which warns them about violating Copyright laws.  This will also prevent others from Copying Your Pictures.

This software is intended to be used by people that know how to access the HTML code of their listings and web pages.
It is self-contained and simple to insert, as long as you know WHERE to do it.
If you do not know how to work with HTML Code, we suggest that you do not buy this software.  
Think of it as buying a part for your vehicle, at the parts store.  If you do not know how to install it, leave it up to a professional to do it for you, and don't buy it.  Let the professional buy it (and install it) for you.

Since there is such a wide variety of code that people use in the creation of Auction Listings, Classified Ad Listings, and Web Pages, we DO NOT provide Technical Support for this software (except on a consulting basis).

We Guaranty that this codes works, but we cannot Guaranty that this code will work for YOU.
You will need to install it properly for your system (whatever that means).  We DO know, however, that this code is working well on a number of Websites as well as for a number of Auction Sellers.

This software is not perfect.  It can be bypassed ... as can ANY lock.
This software will Not keep out a good hacker, but it WILL keep an honest person honest, which is what locks are for.

Let's face it, most of the people that are trying to copy your listings are LAZY.  They don't want to re-type what you have already spent time typing.  If they really wanted to copy your text, they could print it out and re-type it.  Right?
This software will keep those people OUT.

- Description: Software Code to Help Copy Protect Your Text and Pictures in Auction Listings and Web Pages
- Protects Your Hard Work - Text and Pictures
- Prevents Users from Highlighting Text and Pictures
- Disables
- Disables the Mouse Right Click Button
  If the User Right Clicks their Mouse, a Copyright 'Warning' will Display
  THIS LISTING is Copy Protected with THIS Software.  Try to Copy our Text and / or Image.  See what happens.
- This Software has been Tested with Internet Explorer, FireFox, and NetScape Browsers on the PC Platform.
  It may or may not work with other browsers and on other platforms.
- Intended for Use by People Familiar with HTML and Some Technical Knowledge.
  NO Technical Support is Provided (except on a Consulting basis).
- You Must Have Access to the HTML Code of Your Auction Listings and / or Web Pages to Use this Software.
- Once Received, Since This is Software, It is Not Returnable.  So be sure to know what you are purchasing.  All Sales are Final.
- Ideal for:
  - Auction Listings (eBay, eBid, Bonanza, etc.)
  - Classified Ad Listings (that allow you to use HTML)
  - Web Pages You Want to Protect
- Ask About Our Affiliate Program.  This Software Could Pay for Itself.
- Free Shipping, Worldwide.  You will be E-Mailed the Programming Code.


You Spend A Lot of Time ... Writing Up Your Auction and Classified Listings, Taking Pictures, and Creating Your Web Pages.  Don't Let Others Get a 'Free Ride' Off of Your Hard Work.  Protect Your Efforts Now.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.
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