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1 Yard OutLast PCM Comfort Climate Control Fabric Made for NASA 90" Wide

Space-Age Phase Change Smart Material

Condition: New
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1 Yard OutLast PCM Comfort Climate Control Fabric Made for NASA 90" Wide

ONE YARD  of Brand New, Mill Fresh  DEVELOPED for NASA OUTLAST PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL (PCM) FABRIC.  This Smart Fabric Maintains Temperatures to Provide Constant Comfort in a Variety of Environments and Climates.


Products made with the innovative Outlast Phase Change Material (PCM) balance temperature fluctuations, so it's not too hot, not too cold, and the temperature feels 'just right'.  Users (people and animals) overheat less and feel more comfortable all around.  If the patented Outlast material is used in apparel, it helps buffer temperature changes caused by the change from outside to inside.  If it is used for sleeping (such as in sheets or pillow cases), there is a dynamic temperature buffering and the user has less overheating, sleeps better, and wakes up more refreshed.

Originally, the Outlast PCM technology was developed for NASA to help astronauts withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations in space.  You should be aware that there are, from time to time, products on the market claiming a reference to NASA, but these are mostly without authorization.  Official Clearance is provided to Outlast by the Space Foundation (a non profit organization linked to NASA). This acclaimed organization awarded Outlast the prestigious seal of approval Certified Space Technology.  Worldwide, there are only 34 companies that have received this award.  Outlast Adaptive Comfort is the only textile application.

Today, the Intelligent Phase Change material is used in High Quality Outerwear, Footwear, Underwear, Socks, and Bedding of worldwide brand leaders.  Outlast materials will keep you more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat, when you create too much, and releasing it when you need it most.  You stay warmer with less bulk and sweat less over a broad range of environments and activity levels.

The PCM Technology
What are PCMs?  The principle is simply demonstrated.  With Phase Change Materials (PCM), two well-known technologies are successfully combined.  On the one hand is the Microencapsulation, as known from the chewing-gum inside which microcapsules are embedded.  While chewing, the shell is destroyed and the taste is released.  Another example: perfume scratchers in magazines.  The microcapsules are destroyed while rubbing on the paper ... and the smell is released.
The difference in Outlast materials: Microcapsules are also used, but the shell is stable and doesn't get ruined.  The capsules are very tiny.  Around 1,000 fit on the head of a pin (ca. 3 million per cm).

Inside the patented microcapsules, called Outlast Thermocules, substances similar to paraffin are stored, which are capable of phase change. This simple physical principle is well-known to everyone.  For example: H2O, Water becomes ice or vapor when energy is added or taken away.  PCM technology takes advantage of exactly this same law of physics.

How it works for You:
1. Outlast Thermolecules Absorb Excess Heat
2. Stored Heat is then Returned to the Body as Needed
3. The Result is a Constant Micro-Climate

- Item: Phase Change Material (PCM) Intelligent Fabric
- Developer: Outlast Adaptive Comfort
- Manufacturer: Culp Home Fashions
- Color: White
- Fabric Width: A Wide 90"
- Quantity: This Listing is for 1 (One) Linear Yard  (90" Wide)
  We can Custom Cut the Length of this Fabric as Needed.  Let us know the Length You Need.
- Developed for NASA for use by Astronauts in Outer Space
- Outlast is Approved by NASA as Certified Space Technology
- Can be used by Humans and Animals
- Provides for Excellent Temperature Control to Buffer Fluctuations
- Main Advantages of Outlast Comfort Products:
  - Adaptation to Body Temperature
  - Less Overheating
  - Less Sweating
  - Less Chills
  - Active Temperature Regulation
- This Type of Fabric can be Made into Many Things:
  - Clothing (for People and Pets)
  - Underwear and Socks (for People Only)
  - Bedding (Sheets, Pillow Cases, Pet Beds)
  - Etc.  Just Use Your Imagination.
- Not at All Bulky.  Relatively Lightweight.
- Uses PCM Technology to Manage Temperature Fluctuations to Achieve Comfort
- A Very Versatile Material
- U.S.A. Seller.  Fast Shipping from The U.S.A.

Note: We can Provide You with a Sample of this Material for a Nominal Charge


The Outlast Adaptive Comfort motto: Not Too Hot ... Not Too Cold ... Just Right.

Look This Item Over ... Just Don't Overlook It.

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